Euchi Ryu Karate

New Class in Cambridge



Euchi Ryu is a traditional form of Okinawan Karate, which includes:

This style emphasizes realistic, practical self-defence, powerful techniques and speed.

Instructor Qualifications

I have been practicing martial arts since the mid 90s, having trained in Taekwondo, Wing Chun, Eskrima, Capoeira, Jujitsu, Kenjutsu and others. I started training in Euchi Ryu Karate in 2002. I currently hold a second degree black belt in this style.

Schedule, Location, etc.

Venue: Community Centre, Furlong Way, Highfields Caldecote, Cambridge, CB23 7XH

Dates: Tuesdays, except third Tuesday of month. 7-8pm, arrive 6:45 for prompt 7pm start.

Dates for June 2018: Tuesdays 12th and 26th of June.

Dates for July: Tuesdays 3rd, 10th, 24th, 31st of July.

Clothing: loose comfortable training clothes without metal fittings, for safety.

Minimum age: 17 years old.

First class free, thereafter £5 per hour.

Limited spaces - booking essential.

Contact: 07927 947397 weekdays between 10am and 8pm, or email me at